Our van at Amache Japanese Relocation Camp, Grenada, Colorado.

18-Day Trip to Colorado
June 16 to July 3, 2008

[ ] = passed but not visited on this trip. ____ = personal name removed to protect privacy.

Day 1: Monday, June 16, 2008 -- drive 329.6 miles from Knoxville, TN, to Evansville, IN

Knoxville, TN -- Leave home at 9:00 am. Van mileage = 135,989 miles.

Crossville, TN -- Stonehaus Winery. Buy Tennessee wine to give away on trip.

Crossville, TN -- [Cumberland Homesteads visited on previous trip.]

Monterey, TN -- [Standing Stone Monument visited on previous trip.]

Glasgow, KY -- Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library. Geneology room but very few active info sources.

Glasgow, KY -- South Central Kentucky Cultural Center & history museum. Relatively good genealogy room. Purchase copy of 1879 map of Barren County showing farm of R. F. Jameson near Pruitt Knob between Glasgow and Cave City, KY. Click here to see the Campbell/Jameson family history webpage.

Bowling Green, KY -- Bad lunch from small Mexican restaurant with many Mexican pastries.

Owensboro, KY -- World's largest sassafras tree. See Ohio River waterfront.

Henderson, KY -- CCC Worker Statue in John James Audubon State Park.

Henderson, KY, to Evansville, IN -- Cross Ohio River northbound. (Kentucky is on both sides of the river at this point.)

Evansville, IN -- Pagoda/Visitors Center in Sunset Park on Ohio River waterfront. Said to be Japanese architecture (1912). Fell into ruinous state, then completely modernized (1995). Compare The Pagoda hotel in Reading, Pennsylvania (1908).

Evansville, IN -- Four Freedoms Monument adjacent to the Pagoda in Sunset Park on Ohio River waterfront. Bicentennial project (1976).

Evansville, IN -- Good dinner at "Milano's Italian Cuisine" restaurant, 500 Main Street, in downtown Evansville. Really great oily rolls! We are the only patrons.

Day 2: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 -- drive 328.8 miles from Evansville, IN, to Columbia, MO

New Harmony, IN -- [Visited Robert Owens & other sites on previous trip.]

Rural IN/IL -- Cross the Wabash River westbound.

Collinsville, IL -- Cahokia Mounds State Historical Site (AD 700-1400). Visitors center (closed). Climb Monk's Mound (realizing one of my life-long ambitions).

Chain of Rocks, IL/MO -- Cross Mississippi River westbound. Missouri welcome station.

St. Louis, MO -- [Visited on previous trips.]

St. Charles, MO -- Cross Missouri River. Lewis & Clark Boat House & Nature Center on Missouri River.

St. Charles, MO -- Drive main street. See old American Car & Foundry Company (ACF) factory. (ACF now manufactures railcars in Milton, Pennsylvania, and Huntington, West Virginia.)

Fulton, MO -- Westminster College. Churchill Memorial & museum in basement of chapel.

Fulton, MO -- William Woods University. GMC was graduated in 1921 or 1922. (WW College became WW University in 1992 and co-ed in 1996.)

Fulton, MO -- Buy "Net 10" cell phone at Wal-Mart.

Columbia, MO -- Dinner at home of friends _____, _____ & _____.

Columbia, MO -- [Cmpus of University of Missouri & peace monument visited on previous trip.]

Day 3: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 -- drive 420.7 miles from Columbia, MO, to Great Bend, KS

Rocheport & Arrow Rock, MO -- [Visited on previous trips.]

Rocheport, MO -- Cross Missouri River.

Independence, MO -- [Visited on previous trips.]

Kansas City, MO/Kansas City, KS -- [Visited on previous trips.]

Lawrence, KS -- [Campus of University of Kansas visited on previous trip.]

Topeka, KS -- Brown vs. Board of Education National Historic Site. Former Monroe Elementary School. Conversation with lady ranger about Clinton, Tennessee.

Topeka, KS -- Lunch at Coyote Canyon steak buffet restaurant. No steak until 4:00 pm!

Manhattan, KS -- [Campus of Kansas State University visited on previous trips.]

Manhattan/Ogden/Junction City, KS -- Fort Riley, US Army. Try 3 gates before obtaining pass for entry. Drive past former buffalo corral & the Custer House. No map, so cannot find oldest part of the fort. Note vast new construction at Marshall Army Air Field (MAAF).

Abilene, KS -- [Visited Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library & Home on previous trips.]

Salina, KS -- Wind farm on I-70.

Great Bend, KS -- Cheyenne Bottoms Nature Preserve. See pelican & other birds. Climb observation tower.

Great Bend, KS -- [B-29 Memorial Plaza. Great Bend was a B-29 bomber training base during World War II.]

Great Bend, KS -- Receive email from Peter Van Den Dungen in Bradford, England, during rainstorm with lightning & severe winds.

Day 4: Thursday, June 19, 2008 -- drive 383.4 miles from Great Bend, KS, to Pueblo, CO

Ft. Larned National Historic Site. 1/4 mile walk from concealed parking lot. Fantastic interiors. Photograph rabbit.

Spearville, KS -- Spearville Wind Energy Facility. 67 wind turbines capable of producing 100.5 MW. Installed and operated by enXco, Inc. for Kansas City Power & Light.

Dodge City, KS -- Feedlot overlook. Boot Hill Museum & Front Street (free look from entry door).

Garden City, KS -- Arkansas River. Not flowing! Because so much water removed for irrigation? Sand dunes off-road vehicle area & RV park.

Garden City, KS -- Second? largest swimming pool in US.

Garden City, KS -- Lunch at Marie's Corner Restaurant. Torrential rainstorm.

Granada, CO -- Amache Japanese Relocation Camp site (1942-1945). Very interesting! Landscape returned to desert though many foundations remain from WW-II. Photo at top of this webpage shows our van in the heart of the Amache Camp.

Lamar, CO -- Colorado welcome center. Amache interpretive plaque. Wind turbine blade representing numerous nearby wind farms. Interview by 2 students from Leeds School of Business in Boulder, CO. Employee phones for advice about RV repair place in Pueblo, CO.

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site. Highlight of the entire trip! Totally unique adobe construction. Two costumed docents, horses & peacocks. 1/4 mile walk from concealed parking lot. Conversation with mother from Cleveland, Ohio, driving 3 sons to NPS sites.

La Junta, CO -- [Koshare Indian Museum & Kiva visited on previous trips.]

Day 5: Friday, June 20, 2008 -- drive 137.6 miles from Pueblo, CO, to Colorado Springs, CO

Pueblo, CO -- Repair van refrigerator at RV place on US highway 50 West.

Pueblo, CO -- Pueblo Union Depot (1889) with copy of Diana statue from Mexico City given to Pueblo by sister city Puebla.

Pueblo, CO -- Lunch at "DC's on B Street" restaurant opposite Union Depot.

Ludlow, CO -- [Monument commenorating the Ludlow Massacre (1914) visited on previous trip. Someone told us the monument was recently vandalized.]

Colorado Springs, CO -- Dinner at home of relatives _____ & _____.

Day 6: Saturday, June 21, 2008 -- drive from Colorado Springs, CO, to Canon City, CO, & return

West of Canon City, CO -- Scatter _____'s ashes in Arkansas River. See rafting on Arkansas River.

Colorado Springs, CO -- See NORAD entrance in Cheyenne Mountain. Drive past Broadmoor Hotel.

Colorado Springs, CO -- Dinner at home of relatives _____ & _____.

Day 7: Sunday, June 22, 2008 -- in Colorado Springs, CO (miles included in 06/20)

Colorado Springs, CO -- Attend worship service at Fellowship of the Rockies.

Colorado Springs, CO -- Helen Hunt Falls, North Cheyenne Park.

Colorado Springs, CO -- [Arrive downtown too late for lunch with elderly at _____ Hotel on East Platt Steet.] See Uncle Wilbur Fountain in Acacia Park.

Colorado Springs, CO -- Accompany _____ to square and line dancing at The Carriage Stop, 2700 West Robinson Street. Camera malfunction.

Day 8: Monday, June 23, 2008 -- drive from Colorado Springs, CO to Monument, CO, & return (miles included in 06/20)

Colorado Spring, CO -- Visit friends _____ & _____ McElroy at their home.

Palmer Lake, CO -- Lunch with _____ & _____ at Mosaic Restaurant.

Monument, CO -- Photograph monument inscribed only "Historic Monument" which cost $71,000 (twice original estimate)

Colorado Springs, CO -- Drive past "Focus on the Family" headquarters building of Rev. James Dobson.

Colorado Springs, CO -- Van Briggle Pottery (1898) in old railroad round house but which is closing allegedly in order to move to new location. See ceramic donkeys being made for 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO. Buy two tiles for relatives' anniversary & for ourselves.

Colorado Springs, CO -- America the Beautiful Park & Julie Penrose Fountain.

Colorado Springs, CO -- Dinner at home of relatives _____ & _____.

Day 9: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 -- drive 88.8 miles from Colorado Springs, CO, to Pueblo, CO, & return

Pueblo, CO -- Lunch with _____ & Jack Selway -- founder of Rotary Global History Fellowship (RGHF) -- at Carino's Restaurant on I-25. Jack names Rotarian Ryofu Pussel, German Buddhist photographer and tea master in Tokyo, Japan.

Colorado City, CO -- Purchase anniversary dinner for relatives _____ & _____ at Jake & Telly's Restaurant.

Colorado Springs, CO -- Dinner at home of relatives _____ & _____.

Day 10: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 -- drive 188 miles from Colorado Springs, CO, to Boulder, CO

Colorado Springs, CO -- Photograph deer beside highway.

Colorado Springs, CO -- US Air Force Academy visitors center. Cadet Chapel by architect Walter Netsch [1920-2008] (whose first buildings were designed in Oak Ridge, Tennessee). 1/3 mile walk from concealed parking lot. No problem driving on the academy grounds (unlike Ft. Riley in Kansas).

Castle Rock, CO -- See the famous rock from I-25.

Littleton, CO -- Columbine Memorial for the massacre of April 20, 1999. Columbine High School.

Denver, CO -- [Visited on previous trips.]

Golden, CO -- National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) visitors center. Conversation with John Synhorst, NREL volunteer and former employee of Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in San Francisco, CA.

Boulder, CO -- Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) welcoming reception at Millenium Hotel.

Day 11: Thursday, June 26, 2008 -- drive 43.4 miles in Boulder, CO

Drive to Louisville, CO, & return to Boulder.

Lafayette, CO -- [Cousin _____. Frankly, I forgot she lives in Lafayette, CO!]

Boulder, CO -- Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center (RMPJC), 3970 Broadway. Conversation with Betty Ball, co-administrator.

Boulder, CO -- Phone Dr. LeRoy Moore (303-447-2779), author of "Rocky Flats - A local hazard forever".

Boulder, CO -- Downtown Boulder, including Pearl Street, Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery, peace pole on bank of Boulder Creek & Boulder Library.

Boulder, CO -- Sister Cities Plaza (2007) in front of Boulder municipal building.

Boulder, CO -- Lunch from sandwich kiosk on Pearl Street.

Boulder, CO -- Flagstaff Road, Boulder Mountain Park. View of Boulder, CO, & beyond.

Boulder, CO -- The Colorado Chautauqua (1898).

Boulder, CO -- Dinner at Noodles & Co. Restaurant on Baseline Road.

Boulder, CO -- Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) evening panel discussion at Millenium Hotel.

Day 12: Friday, June 27, 2008 -- drive 142.5 miles from Boulder, CO, to Rocky Mountain National Park & return

Boulder, CO -- Department of Commerce entrance. Sign for NIST, NOAA & NTIA.

Boulder, CO -- National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) visitors center.

Estes Park, CO -- Lunch at "Claire's on the Park" restaurant. Van dump at RV park.

Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), CO -- Trail Ridge Road to Alpine Visitors Center. See lots of snow & several elk herds.

Boulder, CO -- Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) evening panel discussion at Millenium Hotel.

Day 13: Saturday, June 28, 2008 -- drive 99.7 miles from Boulder, CO, to Idaho Springs, CO, & return

Colorado Springs, CO -- University of Colorado (UC), including the Dalton Trumbo free speech Fountain behind the University Memorial Center (UMC).

Rocky Flats, CO -- Rocky Flats plant gate (1952-1988) and Rock Flats Cold War Museum site.

Clear Creek Canyon -- US highway 6. See rockclimbing on canyon wall.

Idaho Springs, CO -- See rafting on Clear Creek in front of Argo Gold Mine & Mill National Historic Site.

Evergreen, CO -- [Bells of International Bell Museum are being moved from Evergreen to Hastings College in Nebraska since owner Winston H. Jones died on August 14, 2006.]

Genesee Park, CO -- [Buffalo Herd Overlook not found due to very poor signage on I-70.] Photograph wild coyote in housing project while searching for the penned buffalo.

Lookout Mountain, CO -- Lookout Mountain Nature Center -- open -- on former grounds of the Boettcher Mansion. No live animals!

Lookout Mountain, CO -- Boettcher Mansion aka Lorraine Lodge (1917) -- closed because it's Saturday. (Charles Boettcher developed Lookout Mounain and lived there until his death in 1948.)

Lookout Mountain, CO -- Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave. Very interesting. Views of Golden, CO, Coors Brewery (world's largest single brewery) & beyond.

Lookout Mountain, CO -- Lunch (buffalo dog & root beer) at Buffalo Bill's Pahasha Teepee Gift Shop & Cafe.

Golden, CO -- Continuaton of Lariat Loop from Lookout Mountain down to Golden.

Golden, CO -- Campus of Colorado School of Mines.

Golden, CO -- [Cousins _____ & Warren Hamilton. Frankly, I forgot they live in Golden, CO!]

Rocky Flats Test Center, CO -- NREL experimental wind turbnes (just east of LaFarge cement plant).

Boulder, CO -- Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) banquet & final speakers at Millenium Hotel.

Day 14: Sunday, June 29, 2008 -- drive 442.5 miles from Boulder, CO, to Grand Island, NE

Cheyenne, WY -- [Cousins _____ & _____ are driving home from Chicago & therefore not in Cheyenne.]

Cheyenne, WY -- [Bells of Balangiga at F. E. Warren Air Force Base (formerly Fort D. A. Russell) already photographed by _____ & _____ of Corvalis, OR.]

Ogallala, NE -- Nebraska welcome center. USGS map of the famous Ogallala Acquifer.

North Platte, NE -- Lunch at KFC buffet.

North Platte, NE -- Golden Spike overlook of Union Pacific's Bailey Yard (largest railroad classification yard in the world). Overlook is 8-stories tall. Elevator not working, but full price charged nevertheless.

Kearney, NE -- Sandhill crane observation sites, including Rowe Sanctuary visitors center (closed). Photograph 3 sandhill cranes. Cross & recross Platte River.

Day 15: Monday, June 30, 2008 -- drive 299.3 miles from Grand Island, NE, to Des Moines, IA

Grand Island, NE -- [Childhood home of David Waldbaum.] Find no Waldbaum listing in telephone directory. Drive though downtown.

Grand Island, NE -- Patronize very clean HyVee service station (which serves free sandwiches!). Discover "super regular" gasoline which has higher octane but costs less!

Lincoln, NE -- [Prairie Peace Park, 7 miles west of Lincoln at I-80 exit 388. Created by Don Tilley in 1994, the museum was closed in 2005. I would have liked to see its site, but frankly I simply forgot to look it up and know where to stop.]

Lincoln, NE -- State capitol (skyscraper). Photograph nude alegory above door of a state building. Campus of University of Nebraska.

Omaha, NE -- [Strategic Air & Space Museum. What happend to the US Air Force's Strategic Air Command (SAC)?]

Omaha, NE -- Find Lucky's Ten-O-One Restaurant, 1001 Pacific Avenue (which serves Omaha Steaks), but it's closed despite hours in tourist literature and on front door. See many limbs broken by recent storm.

Omaha, NE -- Lunch at Stoke's [Southwestern] Grill & Bar at 12th and Howard Streets in "The Omaha Old Market". Drive through downtown.

Omaha, NE/Council Bluffs, IA -- Cross Missouri River eastbound. Rest areas on I-80 in Iowa have wireless internet, travel literature & RV dump stations! Last & most welcoming of the nine states entered on this trip (TN, KY, IN, IL, MO, KS, CO, NE, IA)! Iowa is surprisingly hilly -- both west and east of Des Moines. Its many corn fields are never as flat as in Nebraska and Illinois -- or so it seems from I-80.

Clive, IA -- Rest in Greenbelt Park on outskirts of Des Moines, IA. See evidence of recent high water.

Day 16: Tuesday, July 1,, 2008 -- drive 267.2 miles from Des Moines, IA, to Peru, IL

Des Moines, IA -- [Glendale Cemetery, block 30-B. Barb Tuinistra photographed the Kinney graves in May 2001.]

Des Moines, IA -- First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Same location since 1888. See centennial history published in 1988 which contains no relevant family history information.

Des Moines, IA -- Visit Vaill/Kinney/James home (1056-26th Street) & other historic sites on & near campus of Drake University with _____ & _____ in Scion car. Obtain photocopy of page 42 from the "Quax" yearbook of 1923 showing GMC as Junion. Click here to see the Campbell/Jameson family history webpage. Conversation with Paul Morrison, volunteer Drake historian for last 23 years.

Des Moines, IA -- Barbeque lunch from "Sammie Jack's," 2511 Cottage Grove Avenue. Best barbeque I've ever eaten!

Des Moines, IA -- Go though Kinney photos in home of _____, _____ & _____. See family photo on day of Rosabelle's graduation from Drake in 1917 (showing LMJC, Rosabelle, GMC age 16 & MEC age 5). Obtain original photos of GMC and EWL-II age 14 (annotated by GMCL).

Des Moines, IA -- Woodland Cemetery, Block 17. Fail to spot Jameson graves, and there's no one to ask. (These were photographed in May 2001 by _____ of Cheyenne, WY.)

Des Moines, IA -- Downtown & Iowa state capitol.

Dex Moines, IA -- "Japanese temple bell of peace and friendship" (1961) from Yamanashi Prefecture in pavilion near Judicial Building on capitol grounds.

Amana Colonies, IA -- [By-passed because after 5:00 pm and most Amana destinations are already closed.]

Iowa City, IA -- See edge of flooded area.

Iowa City, IA -- [Campus of the University of Iowa -- did not try to find due to flooded streets.]

West Branch, IA -- [Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum closed.]

Walcott, IA -- Iowa 80 (world's largest truckstop)

Quad-Cities, IA/IL -- Cross Mississippi River eastbound.

Dixon, IL -- [Birthplace of President Ronald Reagan.]

Day 17: Wednesday, July 2, 2008 -- drive 360.2 miles from Peru, IL, to Columbus, IN

Peru/LaSalle, IL -- Cross Illinois River southbound. Man at HyVee convenience store says new replica of a canal boat from the old Illinois Michigan Canal is now at the LaSalle waterfront.

Chatsworth, IL -- Historical marker for Chatsworth Train Wreck where 85 persons were killed on August 10, 1887. Click here to see the Campbell/Jameson family history webpage.

Piper City, IL -- Brenton Cemetery in US highway 42. Find Pulver grave stones. Martin's and Edward's graves are also marked with medalions which read "World War Veteran" [sic]. Do not find Snider marker.

Piper City, IL -- Piper City Library. Conversation with librarian Beverly Richardson (815-686-9234). Confirm 7 Pulver & 3 Snider graves. Click here to see the Pulver/Snider family history webpage. Find sweet potato on downtown sidewalk.

Urbana, IL -- Campus of University of Illinois

Danville, IL -- [WW-I peace monument seen on previous visit.]

Covington, IN -- Cross Wabash River eastbound.

Whitesville, IN -- Lots in shadow of Nucor steel mill and ADM grain elevator . Whitesville veterans memorial on our property is flying US flag.

Roachdale, IN -- Roachdale Cemetery, graves of EWL, GMCL, etc. Bob white (quail) heard from across the meadow. Click here to see the Lollis/Stevenson family history webpage.

Bainbridge, IN -- Glipse buffalo at English's Buffalo Farm on US highway 231. Only buffalo seen on entire trip.

Greencastle, IN -- [Campus of DePauw University visited on previous trip.]

Bloomington, IN -- [Friends _____ & _____ will visit Pentwater in August 2008.]

Bloomington, IN -- [Tibetan peace pagoda already photographed by _____ of Bloomington, IN.]

Bloomington, IN -- Campus of Indiana University.

Bloomington, IN -- Peace monument on grounds of Monroe County courthouse.

Nashville, IN -- [Art colony visited on previous trip.] Bloomington-Columbus is only night driving on entire trip.

Day 18: Thursday, July 3, 2008 -- drive 339.2 miles from Columbus, IN, to Knoxville, TN

Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge, IN -- [Visited on previous trips.]

Clarksville, IN -- Falls of the Ohio State Park museum & fossil beds. 15-year old museum with exhibits on geology, natural history, exploration, Lewis & Clark, settlement, river navigation, industry, etc. Find no mention of the Marquis de LaFayette who passed through in 1824.

Jeffersonville, IN/Louisville, KY -- Cross Ohio River southbound.

Louisville, KY -- [Visited on previous trips.]

Lexington, KY -- Campus of University of Kentucky.

Lexington, KY -- Lunch at Chop House (next door to steak house patronized on previous trip).

Knoxville, TN -- Arrive home at 6:00 pm. Van mileage = 139,803. Total driven in 18 days = 3,814 miles. Average = 212 miles per day.